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I have been a couple of times visiting Julian with my family. The trip took each time about one hour and half to go and a little less coming back to San Diego. Our tour in the main street and touristic stores in it was taking 3-4 hours. This historic small city worth the journey. I would like to share my experience with my friends in Our high five, those living in San Diego and specially those living in Mexico. Indeed,  there is a lot of YouTube videos about Julian. So I leave my readers to visit these websites and decide by themselves to go or not to go to Julian. Regarding the Dessert time, to which most visitors are interested, I have an excellent memory from the MOM’s Cafe. That is different from the Apple Pie Company that produces and distributes much more. Each time we take Pies from MOM to consume on place and to bring home. Kids like also its Ice Cream. But eating is not the only pleasure for the visitors, the true pleasure is in the visiting the style and the details of each store and little museum, the outdoor stores that sometimes farmers offer. Unfortunately for my part I have not been there at snowy times. Enjoy your visit or your virtual visit to Julian.  Arsalan


It is an animal originally from Mexico and the most beautiful and very important for this country. This butterfly is very special because its colors and its force are very big. Its very small and very fragile.  This butterfly can fly 6,400km during two months, this travel is very long and very exhausted because it is dangerous, all for arrived in Michoacan, Mexico and put its eggs and next to die. This animal can weigh less 2 or 3 grams. The global warming puts in danger the butterfly because the forest is very small every year.


Here in Mexico there is a village called Tultepec in which every year the people celebrate The National Fair of the Pyrotechnics, in which each family creates a bull adorned with fireworks and they take them on a journey throughout the village to arrive at the church where worship and give thanks to San Juan.

Then the run of the bulls everyone gather on the central square and they begin to burn the Bulls. It’s dangerous if you decide to be near because the sparks could get to burn people. The celebration ends around 3 or 4 in the morning because one by one the bulls are burned and most of the time there are over 50 bulls to be burned.

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By Colorado Isals Luis Angel

Industrial Engineering Student

Mexico has a lot of traditional dishes, for example, in September we celebrated every year “El grito de Dolores” this festivity is celebrated on September 15th, on this day around 11o´clock the president gives the scream “El grito de Dolores”.

This day many delicious dishes are cooked, for example:

  • “Pozole”
  • “Tostadas”
  • “Enchiladas”
  • “Chilaquiles”
  • “Sopes”
  • “Pambazos”
  • “Quesadillas”
  • “Huaraches”

This day Mexican people not only eat, they also drink a lot of liquors and beverages. The Mexican drink before and after “El grito de Dolores”. After the scream and the meals the festivity day turn on a extreme party, all people dance, drink more, talk, and be together until the alcohol finish or the last person be gone.


 By González Lara Edwin Alán

Industrial Engineering Student

“El tianguis”

Sin título

Here in Mexico it’s very common go to the “tianguis”, which are very big places, the people sell many things or food, in metal structures with canvases, these kind of business are on the street once or two times a week, in this place is possible find many things like very good price, for example, if you want to eat but you haven’t time to prepare anything or go to the restaurant, you go to the tianguis and you can eat “garnachas” these are Mexican food like “quesadillas” , “gorditas”, “barbacoa”, “carnitas”, “pambazos” and many food, also you can find clothes, shoes, and more.
These are informal business, and in December it is possible to find the bazar which is very alike to the “tianguis”, but this is at night because we believe in three wise men, they arrive to the houses on January 6th to give gifts to the children, that’s very equal to “Santa Claus” who arrives to the houses in December, so in this “bazar” you can find many toys and things to give.


By Viveros, israel industrial enginering student




Taco de barbacoaI am going to speak about “barbacoa” this is a dish done out sheep meat, this meat is cooked in a stone oven, but it is cooked only steamed, this meat has not contact directly with the fire, and this saucer is very important in the Mexican culture, it could be accompanied by vegetables like coriander, lemon and onion, in Mexico we eat the barbacoa in tacos, but that is not all also while the meat is being cooked this one liberates juice and this juice is used like “consome”

Here in Mexico is very common, when you go to a party and you are drinking and dancing all night, the next day, you could have hangoverness, you could go to buy barbacoa, this saucer is very good for the hangover, if you eat barbacoa with much spicy, with “consome” and with beer or coke, and you can absolve of this hangoverness

Is not very common but also it could be accompanied with prickly pears, radishes, cactus and with blue made tortillas of corn


By Viveros, israel industrial enginering student



Why study in a UPVM? Well, because is the better university in the zone, its small but their teachers are excellent, the careers than this offer are mechatronics engineering, industrial engineering, nanotechnology engineering, computer engineering and business administration. Too count with cultural and sport activities.

Also in the Universidad Politécnica del Valle de México you can find a good student atmosphere.upvm1

Taking in a count the years than i been here i consider that my college is a great place to study.

By Martínez González Erik Isai industrial enginering student